Return policy

Qualified ReturnS

We will support returns and/or exchanges of products that your client has bought on your Stylist Store for the following scenarios: if (1) Your client experiences a manufacturer defect or product damage that compromises their product’s performance, or if (2) Your client is dissatisfied with the product that they purchased. In either scenario, your client can return their product to you in-salon for a replacement product, which we will support with a credit or replacement product. (details below)

*If you care to modify your particular return policy to be different from the above, please inform us so we can update your return policy language accordingly on your Stylist Store. You can see the standard client-facing return policy language in section titled, “Client Return Policy”.

In-Salon Returns

Our goal is to make your client’s shopping experience as hassle-free and pleasurable as possible so they want to continue to utilize your Stylist Store. Your client will be advised to bring their return product to your salon so they aren’t being asked to ship their return. This should make their experience easier and they won’t incur a shipping fee to return their product. *If your client isn’t able to bring their return product into your salon, please advise us via and we will facilitate a remote return.

How To - Client Return

If your client is dissatisfied with their product or experiences a damage/manufacturer defect that compromises their product’s performance, they will click the link listed in the “Client Return Policy” section of your Stylist Store. This link prompts an email from your client titled, “Stylist Store Product Return”, addressed to your master email address while carbon copying us (, enabling your client to inform us of their specific product challenge. Your return policy instructs them to bring their return product to your salon for exchange/replacement.

Product Replacements/Exchanges

Once your client has brought their return product in to you, you could troubleshoot to determine if they are using it properly and encourage another try. If they purchased the wrong product for their hair, you can exchange it for a more appropriate product in stock of equal value. Or if the product is damaged, you can supply them with a replacement product in stock. *If your salon inventory doesn’t allow for an in-salon replacement/exchange, see below. Please inform us ( that you replaced their product so we can issue you a credit for the replacement product.

Return for Stylist Store Credit

If you are unable to replace your client’s return product with a product from your salon’s physical inventory (or) if you prefer to have your client get their replacement product from your Stylist Store, inform us of that ( when you have received the return product. We will immediately issue a credit to your client’s Stylist Store account so that they can buy their replacement product. Their credit will be available within 1 business day of when you notify us and they will not be charged a shipping fee for their replacement product.

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